There is absolutely no one left in Newfoundland, that can say they have not been affected by cancer.  Be it family, loved ones, co-workers or familiar faces;  we have all been deeply moved  by the struggle and loss of those dear to us against such a horrific disease.  Fighting cancer is a horrible process with many debilitating realities that make travel a near impossibility.  For those living outside of St. John’s this just adds more... Read More

2011 Conventions!

We are just a few weeks away from the New Year but we all ready have a few tattoo conventions for the 2011 lined up. March 11-13, Dave will be heading back to the motherland, Australia for the 3rd annual Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo! If you find yourself in Sydney and would like to get tattooed please feel free to get in touch or if your around just look for the large tattooed male dying in the heat. For more information follow this link: http://www.tattooexpo.com.au/ May... Read More

Fredrick’s Kuniyoshi inspired half sleeve

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Andy’s Left Mitt

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Andy’s Other Mitt

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A Ruff Drawing for an “Evil” Sleeve

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