I must start this with a huge thanks to all that were involved with our 2nd Annual Daffodil Place Benefit. My incredible staff, Family and Friends, David’s Tea for their beverages incredible  and to all those that brought us food and ample baked goods that kept us running all day long. Everyone who helped us through various social media formats (those were really the people who provided the greatest push for information on the event) to spread the word of the event, the CBC and The Telegram. Without all of this help and support the whirlwind that hits TBS on Feb 11 could not be possible. Humbly… THANK YOU!

Much like the first year, we were hit with a giant wall of request for cancer ribbons tattoos.  Time for the event booked very quickly and we have even put a large number of people on the list for next years event already.  At the end of the day we did 61 Cancer Ribbon Tattoos, sold out of 3 of my (Dave’s) prints, moved roughly 40 shirts and had a ton of donations made on line and in person;  bringing the net donation to $8350.oo!  We raised $1625 more then our first year and bringing the two year total raised by TBS to $15075!

All in all an incredible day…. next year we will make this even bigger!


It’s time for the 2nd Annual Daffodil Place Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Fundraiser!  Once again TBS will be offering 2″ or smaller cancer ribbons for $100 to help raise money for Daffodil Place in St. John’s.  Daffodil Place is a family care facility to help people from outside St. John’s who are coming into the city for Cancer care,  The facility provides 24 rooms for families to stay in during treatment as well as: Transportation, Food, Counselling and Advocacy.  The facility is an incredible aid for those going through treatment and a corner stone to many on the path to beating Cancer and the people who work there are absolutely inspiring.

Last year we managed to raise $6725.00 by doing 63 Cancer Ribbon Tattoos as well as money donated from the sale of any TBS Merch during the day of the event.  We hope to break that record this year…. but it won’t be easy.  We had to turn away nearly 150 people do to time limitations and physical capacity but we are going to push those boundaries and see where we get to.  If you would like to be Tattooed please call down to the studio  ( 709 754 5590) and have your name put on the list to get tattooed.  A week before the event we will be getting in touch with people to book their times.  If your interested call sooner rather then latter because time is limited despite our attempts to break our own wrists.


For more info on Daffodil Place please follow this link: http://www.cancer.ca/~/media/CCS/Newfoundland-Labrador/Files%20List/English%20files%20heading/pdf%20not%20in%20publications%20section/NEWSLETTER_updated_changes_thehub_final.ashx

It’s a New Year and there are many new and exciting things coming down the line from the TBS Family.  This year will see more travel, more art work and tattoos, tattoos, TATTOOS! On behalf of the TBS Family we wish all best to you and yours in this year of the Dragon!

It’s that time again and much like everyone else we are looking forward to some HOLIDAYS!  The shop X-mas holiday will have the studio officially CLOSED DEC. 21-27. We will be re-opening the Shop on DEC. 28.

We will be closed for New Years from DEC. 31- JAN. 2 We will be back in the Shop on JAN. 3, 2012

If you have an appointment scheduled during the days we are closed it’s still going ahead but we will not be open to the public.




2012 is almost upon us and the TBS Convention Schedule is starting to get rolling,;  so far they’re two in the books already first up:

Dave will be returning to the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo March 8-11 at the Sydney Olympic Grounds.  For more information check out their website  http://www.tattooexpo.com.au/sydney/welcome

Next up, Alicia will be attending the 2nd Annual ScottishTattoo Convention at the Corn Exchange In Edinburgh March 31- April 1. For more information check out their web site    http://www.scottishtattooconvention.com/index.php


From March 8, Alicia will be off and traveling through Scotland and Europe returning to the shop in the first week in April.  Stay tuned for more posts of her travels and guest spots tattooing along the way


TBS has started working in connection with River Valley Printing Co. to create beautiful Giclee Prints of paintings, illustrations and  flash drawn by the TBS family.   We will be carrying small print runs of signed numbered copies in the studio but once those are gone, copies will still be available to be purchased through River Valley.  If you unable to make it into the studio to get ahold of a numbered copy of any of the prints please get in touch with us and we can make arrangements to sell you copies through PayPal.  To get  a hold of prints once we are sold out contact River Valley Printing Co. @ http://rivervalleyprintingco.myshopify.com/

TBS is proud to have Andrew Wheeler doing a guest spot this week in casa TBS.  Andrew is in from Burlington’s Time Will Tell Tattoo Studio  and will be holding down their high caliber work from Oct 24-29.  His time is all booked but he is fond of hugs from strangers…he’s just kind of weird like that.

I’ve laboured over this for a long time and as much as I saw it coming it still feels odd to have to do this but TBS is raising it’s prices. When I began tattooing in 1992 in Toronto, I worked at a shop that charged $125/hr and now nearly 20 years later I own a shop that is charging $120/hr.  Amazingly enough, inflation has not worked the same way as my shop’s pricing and in the last five years most of our expenses have drastically increased, in some cases they have even shot up as high as 300%. In the face of this reality TBS will be raising it’s rates to $150/hr. All pre-exsisting appointments will not be effected by this price change and all existing quotes will remain the same.

As of Nov 1st, another policy change will take effect.  For quite a while, a number of tattooists at the studio have been taking deposits on appointments.  This has lead to some confusion at times;  so what I have decided to do is make deposits an official shop policy.  NO APPOINTMENTS WILL BE BOOKED WITHOUT A DEPOSIT from Nov 1st,  2011 on.   A $50 dollar deposit will be required on any tattoo under 3 hours and $100 deposit on any tattoo over 3 hours.  If for some reason you decide to change or cancel your appointment we require 48 hour notice or you will forfeit your deposit.  This policy will just come into effect with new appointments.


If there is any confusion over these two new changes to the shop please feel free to contact the studio to discuss the matter further.  Thank you for your continued patronage…dave

Dennis Osbourne!  Dennis entered his Bettie Page tattoo collection done by Dave, into a tattoo competition on Face Book’s Bettie Page, page and took the grande prize.  We have no idea what that means… but he won!  So congrats to Mr. Dennis and I still hope the prize is a dress or a really sweet set  of heels!

Coming up in October, TBS is proud to have Andrew Wheeler in the house slinging ink.  Making his first trip out to the rock from the fantastic Time Will Tell Tattoo Studio in Burlington, Ontario.  Andrew will be throwing out his unique style of tattooing from October 24-30. If you’d like to get tattooed by Andrew please get in touch with the studio and to take a peek at Andrew’s work please follow this link: http://www.timewilltelltattoo.com/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=22

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