TBS Mugs are IN! They are $15 at the Studio or $18 by mail in North America.  Just remember your life isn’t complete without one


It’s that time again, CALGARY TATTOO & BODY ARTS FEST! Dave and Alicia will be in attendance and working like fiends, selling shirts and prints.  Alicia still has sometime available so please get in touch if your interested or just drop by and say ‘hi’.  For more info check out the conventions’s website: http://calgary2012.homestead.com/

Alicia’s Girl shirts back $20 there and available at the shop and the Calgary Convention Oct 12-14

As some may know….there is NO TATTOO LEGISLATION IN NEWFOUNDLAND!  When I first opened TBS  in 2003 and looked for a Health Board inspection of the studio I was laughed at and told “that will never happen” this was by a followed by a dial tone.  In 2006, there was the shocking news of a teen dying do to toxic shock that was linked to a body piercing and for 4 weeks I was hard fought to hear a dial tone. I spoke to media outlets across the country and internationally.  Time and time again people were astounded by the lack of regulations in our province. Within a few days of the Chief Coroner’s report, the Minister of Health promised regulation within 6 months…

A few years latter, and enraged Mother hit the news after her teen was pierced in a neighbors home ‘studio’.  Much to her avail, nothing could be done since there is no legislation governing tattooing and piercing in  Newfoundland and Labrador.  As public anger mounted, yet another Health Minister promised legislation…. Just last year, in a very surprising move, the Provincial Conservatives put into their Blue Book (campaign policies for 2011 election) that they would enact legislation over the industry in the very near future.  It seems the future is now.

On May 24, the first meeting between the Tattoo Industry and the Government took place.  It was the first steps toward bring NL in line with regulations that exists in other provinces across Canada.  This is the initial moments in defining the future of this industry in the province.  The Ministry of Environmental Health has been placed into a fact finding mission, to define wether or not the the province requires legislation and according to them -WE DO!

The next steps are a little more cloudy, the Ministry of Environmental Health will put it forward to the government to bring this to the Members of the Assembly.  If the Members vote in favour of the idea, then it will be returned to the Ministry of Environmental Health to begin meeting with the industry and the writing legislation.  Post that process, with a set of legislation in hand, it goes back to the Members of Assembly to vote on once again.  If it’s passed we have legislation/regulations… it’s a little bit of a dizzying process.

In the end, we finally might be able to pull this province out of the dark ages of this industry.  We could finally see third party inspections of studios, standardized and enforced levels of cleanliness and even age restrictions.  No more will consumers be left with the none sensical ‘buyer beware’ mentality that currently exists.  Admittedly this makes me pretty excited, Here’s to a brighter future!

Stuart is BACK!


TBS is proud  to have Stuart Archibald back tattooing in the studio May 28 – June 18. Stuart is a regular guest tattooist and is joining us after tattooing at Hokus Pokus- Japan, The Family Buisness-London, King’s Ave Tattoo-New York and The Okey Dokey-Toronto.  He still has a fare amount of space left for appointments but they will disappear fast.  If your interested in getting tattooed by Stuart please get in touch with the studio and to look at his portfolio please follow this link: http://stuartarchibaldtattoo.com/home.html

Once again TBS is proud to sponsor the 709 DERBY GIRLS!.  The first ladies of wheels shall be hitting the track for their kickoff bout this upcoming May 26 at the Glacier in Mount Pearl! We have ticket at the studio or they can be purchased on line @ https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/246605 but if you want to try your luck, TBS will be giving away a pair of tickets every Saturday and Wednesday up to the bout on the 26th.  Stay tuned to our Twitter or Facebook accounts @ 11am… the first to answer a skill testing question regarding the upcoming Derby event will win 2 FREE tickets!


For more information on the 709 Derby Girls please check out their website:  http://709derbygirls.com/

It takes a while to wrap something like the Daffodil Place fundraiser up.  So many tattoos, so much organization and so many emotions fill a project like this it usually takes a few weeks to settle everything post the actual event.  This years February 11 Daffodil Place Tattoo Marathon Benefit was a great success;  raising $8350 and fuelling the fire for greater things to come.  TBS would like to thanks DAVID’S TEA, all our clients, supporters, the media for coverage and the absolutely amazing staff of The Daffodil Place!

We will be back again next year and we will make this bigger and better each time.  That is a promise!

I will leave you with one thought – We do this because our government is not!  Make demands on your MP’s to fund our healthcare facilities!

For more info on Daffodil Place please follow this link: http://www.cancer.ca/~/media/CCS/Newfoundland-Labrador/Files%20List/English%20files%20heading/pdf%20not%20in%20publications%20section/NEWSLETTER_updated_changes_thehub_final.ashx

So if you had the misfortune of missing it, Dave was on CBC phone in show, Cross Talk with Ramona Dearing on Monday, March 26th at noon. The topics covered the board from him being awesome (no one saw that coming and the CBC is suspicious that it may have been staged) to health care issues.  If you would like to here the outcome of an hour of unprompted radio with the very small brain behind the TBS helm please follow this link: http://www.cbc.ca/radionoonnl/

Thanks to Ramona and all the staff from the CBC for allowing Dave access to the general public

Dave will be heading back to Sydney, Australia again this March.  He’ll be  doing a guest spot at the incredible 119 Tattoo in Bondi Junction area of Sydney from March 5-8 and then returning to the 4th Annual Sydney Tattoo & Body Arts Festival March 9-11.  Last year’s convention was amazing, over 400 tattooists and  20000 people in attendance.  The calibre of tattoo talent that is this event draws is rivalled by very few conventions in the world;  if your in that neck of the world you should make your way to Sydney Olympic Park for the event -you will be impressed!

Dave does have a few spots available for tattoos at the convention, if you are interested please get in touch with the TBS to make arrangements.


To book time with Dave for his guest spot at 119 Tattoo please contact 119


For more information on the Sydney Tattoo & Body Arts Fest, please follow this link:


Our dear friend Mr. Shawn Ruste will once again be making a trip from Nanaimo to the Rock.  Shawn is a regular guest at TBs heading out here at least twice a year for the last two years. This will be his longest stay out here which means more time for awesome tattoos. He’ll be calling TBS home from from the end of March till the end of May.  To take a peek at Shawn’s work please visit his FACEBOOK page :




if you’d like to book time with Shawn, please get in touch with the studio.

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