Body Modification Ezine –
This is one of the most extensive and popular body modification oriented sites on the internet.

Daniel Innes –
Found in the heart of Kensington Market, in Toronto this dude does some sweet ass work and is awfully friendly

Deadly Tattoos –
The home of the ever disturbing yet awfuly funny James Tex

Eternal Image Tattoo –
Scott Valhoen making ugly people fancier for the long haul.

five cents tattoo –
tattoos, art gallery and really cool shirts

Imago Tattoo –
When you’re in Montreal stop by and visit our friends at Imago Tattoo.

Imperial Tattoos –
Some dear friends in the Tdot dish out some dandy work

Imprint Ink –
Located in Vancouver and the home of Steeve Moore….nuff said

Ink Machine Tattoos –
Home to Mr. Danny Gordey, a gentleman and inspiration.

John Dohe Tattoo –
He’s on the road but his email addy is under the contacts link.

Krys’s Portfolio –
Krys’s tattoo portfolio. Will be updated routinely while working.

Mike Le Drew –
Mike’s own website….

New Tribe –
Home to some really sweet friends, Stuart, Kyle and Eric plus some awesome Wiz-art!

Passage, Toronto, Canada –
Finest Tattoos in the big city.

Point St. Charles Tattoo –
One of Montreal’s oldest tattoo shops featuring Old Tony and the new kids….Dave Cummings and Dave Knight

sacred heart vancouver canada –
five time-zones west of newfoundland!

Stuart! –
Our ever visiting comrade….Stuart. He’s currently globe trotting so this the best way to get a hold of him

Tataramma –
The former home of both Dave and Mike….with 20 years of TO style tattooing.

Time Will Tell Tattoos – http:///
Home for our good friends Evan and Randy in the weird world of Burlington Ontario

Utitilty –
Some fine folks in HALI Son!

yellow blaze tattoo japan –
we watched this guy tattoo at the montreal convention. he knows what he’s at!

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