FLASH FOR KIDS a Success!!!!!

The final count is in and the numbers are fantastic! 23 Tattoos 23 Prints 10 T-shirts 1 Original painting of Andy’s giving us a Total of $5500.00 for Marguerite’s Place / St. John’s Women’s Centre’sAnnual Fundraiser to help Single Mom’s and their Families have a fantastic Holiday. I couldn’t be prouder of the TBS Crew and our Clients for making this such a success and we hope to see you again when we try to eclipse the number from this... Read More

Season’s Greetings from TBS!!!!

It’s that time again, December 1st is here and chaos now ensues! The fine folks here at TBS have you covered for Gift Certificates, T- Shirts and High Quality Prints from our good peeps to yours! TBS’s Holiday Hours: We’ll be closed December 22- 28 for Christmas and December 31-2 for New Years! Have a Great one and Play Safe, Love TBS!!!!  Read More


Sunday December 14, TBS will host FLASH FOR KIDS. Where we will be tattooing preset tattoo designs (flash) drawn by each of the shop’s tattooists to help raise money for Marguerite’s Place – St.John’s Women’s Centre’s Annual Christmas Fundraiser to purchase gifts for Single Mom’s who may need help over the Christmas Season. We will be selling off T-Shirts, Art Prints and a few other things will come up the day of the event so keep your... Read More


Amongst the loss of Alicia to Turo we are proud that we will be adding another tattooist to our roster in the fall, ANDREW WARREN!  Andrew will be joining us from his private studio in Vancouver with 12 years experience and a host of fantastic studios and people that he has worked with: Sacred Heart, Lucky Devil, Adam Sky. He has a bold strong style and a super pleasant attitude and will be a fantastic fit with our crew.  Look for him to be doing a guest spot in August and being... Read More

And We say Bon Voyage to TBS second Daughter.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to make this announcement;  after nearly 9 years ALICIA, my second apprentice is moving on as of June 21.  Our vivacious, little bundle of energy has reached that point in her life that her feet are taking her to the bright lights of Turo, NS. She has been a wonderful asset to the studio, a light amongst the poor sensibilities of our humour, a tireless talent and a person that  will carve out her own niche in this crazy tattoo world.  Alicia... Read More


Our little guy, Brad Brown is on a road trip to visit our good Friends at TIME WILL TELL TATTOO, in Burlington Ontario March 4-16.  Brad will be tattooing his heart out there amongst the incredible talent of Evan Dowdell, Andrew Wheeler and Bailey Moffat.  If you’d like to get tattooed by him give him a call at their studio 1 905 634 4646.  For more information on the shop please follow this link: http://www.timewilltelltattoo.com/  Read More


Mason la Rose will be back in the TBS Homestead:  May 6-12 laying out some sweet ass tattoos. Time is very Limited, if your interested in getting tattooed please get in touch with us soon.  To take a peek at Mason’s work please follow the link:   http://masonlarose.com/artwork/2428619_Anchor.html      Read More


  Alicia and Brad will be making the trip once again across the pond to Halifax for the 8th Annual Maritime Tattoo Festival, May 17-19. For more info of the festival please check out the link below  http://maritimetattoofestival.com/  Read More

AUGUST 2013 – 10 YEARS of TBS!

It’s crazy how fast time passes as you scramble through the day after day.  I’ve sat in shock when someone has asked how long I’ve been tattooing and I realize it’s nearly half my life now. Most prominent of those years of tattooing has been now spent in St. John’s… 13 years worth.  I’ve had the honour of having St. John’s be the backbone for my growth as a tattooist and business owner.  With every passing year, the studio seems... Read More


TBS is so proud to have our good friend and Skittles aficionado back in the shop on Aug 1- 10.  Time with Stuart is very limited, so please contact the studio if you would like to get tattooed by this globe trotting tattoo hero.  To view some of Stuarts work please follow the link below:   http://www.thefamilybusinesstattoo.com/artists/stuart-archibald/  Read More

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