Andy Griffin

Andy Griffin

Andy began working on his apprenticeship under Dave Munro in late 2011. Late nights and heavy work loads have paid off and in late 2012 , Andy put needle to skin and has not looked back. Currently, Andy is working on projects that he feels comfortable with at a reduced shop rate. If you would […]

Brad Brown

Brad Brown

Born in Eastport Newfoundland, and moving around eastern canada, until finally moving to Calgary at the age of 14. I’ve always been artistic, and very devoted to anything I have an interest in, so at 18 I got into the whole tattoo scene (yes Miami Ink had an influence on me) and eventually put a […]


Mike Ledrew

I’ve been tattooing professionally now for 18 years. My career began in Toronto and allowed me to work at some of the premier shops the city had to offer as well as trips across America, Canada and Europe. In 2006, I relocated to St. John’s to work at trouble Bound Studio and have been enjoying […]


Alicia E

I have been tattooing since the fall of 2007. After completing my Bachelor of Design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I was fortunate enough to land a tattoo apprenticeship with Dave Munro, owner of Trouble Bound Studio.I fell in love with the amazing pieces truly great artists […]


Dave Munro

In the summer of 1992, I began an apprenticeship at Accents of Skin in Toronto under Toby Martin. Back then, I was 18, naive and not prepared for the bizarre circumstances and situations under which that particular shop was accustomed to operating. After 6 months and a meager 6 tattoos under my belt, I snapped. […]

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