Trouble Bound Studios opened it doors on an unsuspecting St. John’s population on Aug 7, 2003. Featuring initially the tattoo talents of Dave Munro and John Pinsent it stood as the first all custom tattoo studio in St. John’s history. As time carried forth and the work continued to pour threw the doors, Dave’s first apprentice, Krys Noseworthy moved into tattooing full time. 2006 saw Mike LeDrew from Toronto added to the cast and crew as well as a move from our initial location to our current home at 132 A, Water st. With the advent of 2007 we saw John move on to another studio, Krys left for global tattooing adventures and Alicia Simms, Dave’s second apprentice begin tattooing full time. 2008 brought yet another bright star to our shop with Brad Brown’s relocation from Calgary filling out our current roaster to date.

The studio continues to move forward with every day featuring the constant evolving talent of our current tattooist as well as a plethora of international traveling tattooist. Keeping our selves busy with work at home and abroad at both conventions and guest spots in other studios. This website is here to help you keep track of our work, travels and interests. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any question feel free to contact us and we always enjoy visits…. thanks for your patronage…dave

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