Andrew Warren

As far back as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by tattooing. ┬áBorn in Toronto I was kidnapped by bikers at a very young age and forced to tattoo for baby formula and diapers. At some point in my youth I escaped and not much is known about the next several years. Only that I was later found by a group of traveling carnie gypsy Pygmy monk tattooers who discovered me floating on a raft in the ocean with a tiger and a bunch of tattoo equipment. Inexplicably I had somehow tattooed the entire tiger despite the lack of electricity and general antisocial behaviour by the tiger.

I spent the next several years honing my skills with the gypsies, eventually heading back to Toronto in search of my birth parents. On my journey I’ve made my home at lucky devil Toronto as well as sacred heart in vancouver. I’ve had the privilege working alongside such greats as Derek Lewis, Chris hall, Dave green, chad Woodley, Shane ford, jammer, and countless more.

Hearing a rumour that my parents may have been Viking scientists thought to be conducting strange experiments involving cross breeding seals and moose in the wilds of Newfoundland, I’ve come to St. John’s to trace my heritage, find my destiny, and do some bitchin’ tats.

Andrew R Warren


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