2nd Annual Daffodil Place Benefit

It takes a while to wrap something like the Daffodil Place fundraiser up.  So many tattoos, so much organization and so many emotions fill a project like this it usually takes a few weeks to settle everything post the actual event.  This years February 11 Daffodil Place Tattoo Marathon Benefit was a great success;  raising $8350 and fuelling the fire for greater things to come.  TBS would like to thanks DAVID’S TEA, all our clients, supporters, the media for coverage and the absolutely amazing staff of The Daffodil Place!

We will be back again next year and we will make this bigger and better each time.  That is a promise!

I will leave you with one thought – We do this because our government is not!  Make demands on your MP’s to fund our healthcare facilities!

For more info on Daffodil Place please follow this link: http://www.cancer.ca/~/media/CCS/Newfoundland-Labrador/Files%20List/English%20files%20heading/pdf%20not%20in%20publications%20section/NEWSLETTER_updated_changes_thehub_final.ashx

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