Post 2nd Annual Daffodil Place Benefit

I must start this with a huge thanks to all that were involved with our 2nd Annual Daffodil Place Benefit. My incredible staff, Family and Friends, David’s Tea for their beverages incredible  and to all those that brought us food and ample baked goods that kept us running all day long. Everyone who helped us through various social media formats (those were really the people who provided the greatest push for information on the event) to spread the word of the event, the CBC and The Telegram. Without all of this help and support the whirlwind that hits TBS on Feb 11 could not be possible. Humbly… THANK YOU!

Much like the first year, we were hit with a giant wall of request for cancer ribbons tattoos.  Time for the event booked very quickly and we have even put a large number of people on the list for next years event already.  At the end of the day we did 61 Cancer Ribbon Tattoos, sold out of 3 of my (Dave’s) prints, moved roughly 40 shirts and had a ton of donations made on line and in person;  bringing the net donation to $8350.oo!  We raised $1625 more then our first year and bringing the two year total raised by TBS to $15075!

All in all an incredible day…. next year we will make this even bigger!


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