2nd Daffodil Place Fundraiser

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Daffodil Place Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Fundraiser!  Once again TBS will be offering 2″ or smaller cancer ribbons for $100 to help raise money for Daffodil Place in St. John’s.  Daffodil Place is a family care facility to help people from outside St. John’s who are coming into the city for Cancer care,  The facility provides 24 rooms for families to stay in during treatment as well as: Transportation, Food, Counselling and Advocacy.  The facility is an incredible aid for those going through treatment and a corner stone to many on the path to beating Cancer and the people who work there are absolutely inspiring.

Last year we managed to raise $6725.00 by doing 63 Cancer Ribbon Tattoos as well as money donated from the sale of any TBS Merch during the day of the event.  We hope to break that record this year…. but it won’t be easy.  We had to turn away nearly 150 people do to time limitations and physical capacity but we are going to push those boundaries and see where we get to.  If you would like to be Tattooed please call down to the studio  ( 709 754 5590) and have your name put on the list to get tattooed.  A week before the event we will be getting in touch with people to book their times.  If your interested call sooner rather then latter because time is limited despite our attempts to break our own wrists.


For more info on Daffodil Place please follow this link: http://www.cancer.ca/~/media/CCS/Newfoundland-Labrador/Files%20List/English%20files%20heading/pdf%20not%20in%20publications%20section/NEWSLETTER_updated_changes_thehub_final.ashx

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