Mr. Andrew Wheeler in the HOUSE!

TBS is proud to have Andrew Wheeler doing a guest spot this week in casa TBS.  Andrew is in from Burlington’s Time Will Tell Tattoo Studio  and will be holding down their high caliber work from Oct 24-29.  His time is all booked but he is fond of hugs from strangers…he’s just kind of weird like that.  Read More

As the World Turns…

I’ve laboured over this for a long time and as much as I saw it coming it still feels odd to have to do this but TBS is raising it’s prices. When I began tattooing in 1992 in Toronto, I worked at a shop that charged $125/hr and now nearly 20 years later I own a shop that is charging $120/hr.  Amazingly enough, inflation has not worked the same way as my shop’s pricing and in the last five years most of our expenses have drastically increased, in some cases they... Read More

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