In June 2003, Trouble Bound Studio was born of fire;   the flame that ignited it’s birth has only burned brighter and brighter since then.  I have had the honour to work with some incredibly talented people, travel the globe and share all that I’ve learned with my clients.  In life, this is a rare privilege. The fact that a small business on a rock in the North Atlantic has been granted such favour is only because of the enthusiasm of  those who keep our doors open, seats filled and out tattoo machines humming!

In thanks, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of June TBS will be giving away stuff!  Watch our twitter account, facebook page for a TBS skill testing question…first to answer will win!

Both pages can be reached through our homepage, twitter on the top of the screen, facebook on the right hand side bar.


Thank you for the eight years and here’s to many more!


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