Sydney Tattoo Convention part TWO!

Fourth Day In Sydney- Day Two of Tattoo Expo:

Learning the lessons of the day prior I stopped by a Subway and picked up two subs for the day ( you can get avocado on your subs down here).  The day begins with the only tattoo that I had booked in on line which would lead to two more on Sun.  One small set back though….. the adapter that worked oh-so well on Friday started Saturday with a bang.  With a flipping of the switch (power outlets out here seem to have on/off switches on them) and a thunderous pop my adapter was no more.  With that went my smoking power bar and the ability to use the only light I had disappeared.  What ever the number of people through the door was on Fri… it had nothing on Sat.  Walking ten feet was difficult.  With so many people lost in the visuals around them getting from point A-B could prove more then a test of one’s patience. Once again one tattoo blurred into more and before I knew it it was 1/4 to 10 pm.   Slightly dazed and my eyes feeling like they had salt ground into them I began to wander around.  A number of the tattooist were still working and the work was amazing.  The talent collected at this show was unnerving.  Sometimes being on the other side of the world can really spell out how much you miss even with internet access and completely validates the necessity of travel to grow your own skills. For as long as my empty stomach would allow I watched skilled tattooist utilize there craft and it warmed my heart while focusing my brain.


Late that night I was awoken by a phone call from home checking to see if I was safe.  With limited phone use and the cable feed being down at the hotel I had not heard about the earthquake and tsunami that had devastated Japan, for that matter nor had most of the tattooists from japan that were at the convention.  It would not be until the following day that I was able to see any of the footage and I just felt my heart sink.  I have no words for my empathy to all those who have been lost or those that survive that level of devastation….  even now a few days later I can’t tear away from a tv when footage comes on, still hoping that there be some glimmer of hope for those effected.


Fifth Day in Sydney- Last Day of Tattoo Expo:

The day begins on a somber note, the events that have occurred in Japan hang heavy on my mind and there is an erie quite amounts people setting up for the day.  The doors open for the last time and the room snaps back into work mode like a drunk trying to seem sober to a cop.  Compared to the privies days the numbers have reduced a bit but are still very impressive and an empty day has filled very quickly.  The hope was to squeeze some time in to wonder around a get a better feel for things… well that didn’t happen.  Luckily the day prior, I had met a guy, a scientist for that matter named Meow Meow Vida Disco… I kid you not.  I saw three different forms of id… MEOW MEOW VIDA DISCO!  He had offered to track me down a transformer so i could have light once more in the booth in exchange for an impulse tattoo of what turned out to be a Sumerian Sea Goat. Finishing this up was going to be the last tattoo of the convention so I could go about and enjoy the convention… nope.  As I was beginning to pull stuff down another tattoo popped up and back to work I went.  Thankfully Meow Meow popped back up and I was able to send him out to capture some video footage for me.   Otherwise I would literally have had no shots from the convention.


Donning the Florissant vest again I packed up my stuff bidding adu to the people I met over the three days and a big thank you for the fine folks at TATTOO JUNCTION, QLD, AUS ( -who saved my ass on supplies that I didn’t bring and just being all round awesome dudes/ets. The fine folks at REILLY TATTOO in Perth (, 199 TATTOO @ Bondi Junction, Sydney ( which seems to be owned by Tim Luke a very dear and old co-worker from Tataramma days, HORITAKA from Osaka (, POLYESTER ( the booth the mighty Meow Meow was working and of course all the incredible organizers and staff of the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo.


Sixth Day in Sydney- Tourist Time

As the morning breaks the urge to see this city that I travelled 32 hours to get to becomes overwhelming, particularly since I have 24 hours left in it.  Once again I’m back on the train heading to Circular Quay and then to the Ferries.  A fair amount of the city is reachable by ferry which if your a tourist is pretty damn nice.  No annoying tour guides and awesome view for a pretty reasonable fare, for ruffly $15 Aus. you can take you back and forth from Circular Quay- Manly Beach, it’s about a 25 min trip.   Most of the trip has been Humid and overcast and unfortunately today is no different.  As I stared out at Manly Beach, the beach I use to play on as a child I still couldn’t bring myself to jump in…the sign about no swimming for 24 hours after rain a rain shower due to pollution was not inspiring me.  A quick poke along the costal trails and kitschy tourist crap-trap stores and it’s back to the ferry.  Once in the city proper I begging to retrace my steps from my first day on foot in the city  looking for food and souvenirs… I am not a good souvenirs guy so this is a failure.  Next stop is Newtown for more good eats, this time some incredible vegan Thai @ Green Palace a quick wander and then it was off to meet Tim Luke over at 199 Tattoo at Bondi Junctions for diner.  Unfortunately, one of his employees broke an ankle and he ended up in the hospital so I made my way back to Newtown for more food at the Green Gourmet. After a long day of marching around it was back to the hotel for the last decent rest before the nightmare flight home.



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