Cancer Ribbon Wrap UP!

February 11 was a rather incredible day at the studio.  There was a buzz in the studio before the tattoo machines even began to hum.  Traditionally this would be the calm before the storm moment but this was not a storm.   It was just an emotionally charged environment getting read to roll and roll it did.  With a 11 am kick off,  TBS shot into high gear and began a frenetic tattoo pace to raise money for Daffodil Place.  The Day was filled with heart wrenching stories of survival and loss marked by unbelievable support for all those involved client and tattooist alike.  By days end the studio had produced 63 cancer ribbon tattoos and had raised $6725.00 and in all honesty, I don’t think we’ve ever had a more satisfying day.

On behalf of the studio, I’d like to thank  everyone for the the support, time and donations…… THANK YOU!

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