Where are the tattoo industry regulations?

Prior to opening the TBS doors to the public, I phoned Community Health and asked for an inspection of the studio and was met with this answer… ” Sir, we will never step foot in your establishment never mind do a health inspection”.  This statement was followed by a dial tone. Three years latter at 10:30 in the morning I received a call from the CBC looking for information about piercing for a story about a teenage girl who had died of toxic shock from a nipple... Read More

Cancer Ribbon Wrap UP!

February 11 was a rather incredible day at the studio.  There was a buzz in the studio before the tattoo machines even began to hum.  Traditionally this would be the calm before the storm moment but this was not a storm.   It was just an emotionally charged environment getting read to roll and roll it did.  With a 11 am kick off,  TBS shot into high gear and began a frenetic tattoo pace to raise money for Daffodil Place.  The Day was filled with heart wrenching stories of... Read More

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