Lost in Translation… thoughts on a fundraiser

Somewhere, a long the way things seem to have become a little confused… I’ve tried to keep a focus centred around the act of the fundraiser but things seem to have strayed.  In the midst a simple act, in my eyes, it has started to become a bit of a slightly selfish purge of personal emotions surrounding my brother’s death.  Make no mistake;  on some levels that is true but that wasn’t the purpose.  The idea was bigger then my personal loss…. it was about the notion of every family that has struggled, every patient that has fought for their life.   That is why we as a shop agreed on Daffodil Place.  As a way of directing funds to a hands on operation there to help those at their most needed points in the fight with cancer – TREATMENT.

Yet, I find this idea slipping away.

More and more this becomes about my loss, my struggle and my fight and nothing could be further from the truth. I understand how this happens;  stories are always better when they are personalized but this was never the point of this fundraiser.  My struggle was never even mine,  it was my brother ‘s. I was just part of the support team and it was a team in every formation of the word.  It was that notion of team that drove the entire studio to the decision to run this fundraiser and it will be the same notion that will run it next year and  for years to come.  As TBS we have all lost loved ones and we empathize with this battle on such a deep level that we could never raise one’s loss over an other.

Bottom line is we are doing this to honour all our loved ones and because cancer -SUCKS!

For more information of DAFFODIL PLACE please follow this link:#mce_temp_url#

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