February 11, Fundraiser News!

I don’t think anyone at the studio thought we would be so over run by request for the cancer ribbons benefit on Feb. 11. Initially we had released the information through our facebook groups and this website and with in a day we were all ready at 30 names but the moment this event made it to the media…. Let’s just say we were not prepared.

In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the number of people wanting to be a part of this event and it hangs heavy on my mind that we have had to turn so many people away.  To try and remedy this situation we have decided to make this an annual event.  Those that have been unable to get in for their tattoo this year will have the option to do so next year.  Many people have asked about donations, there will be a member of the Canadian Cancer Society at the studio on the day of the event and donations will be accepted without getting a tattoo.  For those that are out of town and have asked about donating I will try and have something in place really soon.

Again Thank You for the incredible support…dave

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