There is absolutely no one left in Newfoundland, that can say they have not been affected by cancer.  Be it family, loved ones, co-workers or familiar faces;  we have all been deeply moved  by the struggle and loss of those dear to us against such a horrific disease.  Fighting cancer is a horrible process with many debilitating realities that make travel a near impossibility.  For those living outside of St. John’s this just adds more strain on an all ready taxed scenario.

That is where DAFFODIL PLACE comes in.  DAFFODIL PLACE is a 24 room facility for those living outside of St. John’s who need to travel in for treatment. For a nominal fee the facility provides Accommodations, Internet access, Food, Transportation as well as Support for the patient.  Like almost all institutions of this nature they require external funding for survival and growth.

To try and help raise money for DAFFODIL  PLACE, TROUBLE BOUND STUDIOS will be offering $100 cancer ribbon tattoos  on February 11.   All four of our tattooists: Alicia Simms, Brad Brown, Dave Munro and Mike Le Drew will be working starting at 11am – 7pm to raise money.

All money raised will go to DAFFODIL PLACE

To get tattooed please contact the studio;  we can be reached through the contact on this website or by calling us @ 709 754 5590

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