Lost in Translation… thoughts on a fundraiser

Somewhere, a long the way things seem to have become a little confused… I’ve tried to keep a focus centred around the act of the fundraiser but things seem to have strayed.  In the midst a simple act, in my eyes, it has started to become a bit of a slightly selfish purge of personal emotions surrounding my brother’s death.  Make no mistake;  on some levels that is true but that wasn’t the purpose.  The idea was bigger then my personal loss…. it... Read More

February 11, Fundraiser News!

I don’t think anyone at the studio thought we would be so over run by request for the cancer ribbons benefit on Feb. 11. Initially we had released the information through our facebook groups and this website and with in a day we were all ready at 30 names but the moment this event made it to the media…. Let’s just say we were not prepared. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the number of people wanting to be a part of this event and it hangs heavy... Read More


There is absolutely no one left in Newfoundland, that can say they have not been affected by cancer.  Be it family, loved ones, co-workers or familiar faces;  we have all been deeply moved  by the struggle and loss of those dear to us against such a horrific disease.  Fighting cancer is a horrible process with many debilitating realities that make travel a near impossibility.  For those living outside of St. John’s this just adds more strain on an all ready taxed scenario. That... Read More

2011, and it begins!

So  we say ado to 2010, yet another fantastic year for the shop possibly our strongest to date.  One can’t help but look forward to 2011.  New guest tattooists in the works plus old friends returning, new conventions to attend new endeavors for the shop and staff and the always exciting new work to start hammering away at.  TBS will be moving into it’s 8th year, which still blows my mind but none of this would ever be possible without our clients… so Thank... Read More

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