Dave Munro


In the summer of 1992, I began an apprenticeship at Accents of Skin in Toronto under Toby Martin. Back then, I was 18, naive and not prepared for the bizarre circumstances and situations under which that particular shop was accustomed to operating. After 6 months and a meager 6 tattoos under my belt, I snapped.

A vast number of obscure jobs, a stint in the ivory tower of higher learning and 4 years later, I was ready to return to the industry.

Once again, luck shone upon me from my lonely place in the bowels of hell. I was offered an opportunity to open a shop with an English tattooist named Steve Williams. Though unfamiliar with him or his work, I eagerly lept at the chance and into an abyss from which I would later believe there was little chance for deliverance. The shop was appropriately called The Other Side of Graceland and to a tee, was true to it’s name. Steve turned out to be violent psychopath, a pathological liar and within a few short months, I was again looking for a way out.

Fortunately, I did find deliverance in the form of a man named Eugene. Euge owned Tatarama, had recently opened a new location in the city and offered me a job. There, I was able to learn from both Euge and tattooist Os Peredes while also being allowed to hone my skills.

In September of 1998, I decided to relocate to Montreal to take a position at Imago under the wings of Safwan. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was forced to return to Toronto by December.

In early spring, another Tatarama had opened on Yonge Street. At this location, Euge told me to take the helm and for a short while before it closed, I again took this opportunity to learn more about and developed my craft before once again traveling, taking these new skills on the road.

In 1999 I landed in St.John’s Newfoundland for the first time after 3 visits in one year…. I kind of relocated in 2000. Working in conjunction with a local salon I began to carve out my own corner in the local tattoo community.  After a few years of building a vast client base centered around an all custom tattoo environment it was finally time to separate and open my own shop;  thus was the birth of Trouble Bound Studio.

Here’s to the future…

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